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Awards and Recognitions for Water Maxim's at the Monte Gourmet Waters Intarnational Contest Avpa

Mineral water producers from all over the world (20 countries) gathered on Monday 1 April 2019 in the halls of the French Haute Cuisine and Hotel Management School FERRANDI-Paris, one of the temples of European gastronomy, for the awards ceremony of the 3rd "Gourmet Waters" International Contest AVPA-Paris 2019.

Much expected by mineral water companies and catering and distribution professionals, the event has reserved, as every year, a lot of surprises and confirmations.

The lucky winners have received the prize in front of a large audience of representatives of the diplomatic corps, famous chefs, taste professionals and distributors. "An important moment in the life of these entrepreneurs who would not have missed the world for anything, this appointment became, in just three years of life, the most important in the water sector as well as a sign of encouragement and recognition for the winners" commented Michel Bontemps, Director of the Competition.

Divided into 6 different categories (3 natural waters and 3 sparkling), the 70 exceptional waters in the competition had to demonstrate their qualities to the juries formed by experts, gourmets, taste specialists and cooks, including those of the Culinary Academy of France.

The consolidated reputation of AVPA in organizing competitions based on taste (coffee, oil and tea) was once again able to meet consumer expectations. "In addition to the tremendous success achieved, this 3rd edition of the" Gourmet Waters "International Contest AVPA - Paris 2019, demonstrated the gastronomic potential of water when it becomes Gourmet and is the entire chain of bottled waters that benefits", he concluded at the end of the ceremony the President of the AVPA, Philippe Juglar.

In the category of light sparkling waters, a very popular category among lovers of delicate waters, the water Maxim's, Italian of French brand, won an excellent Bronze after having been relaunched on the market by a few months with a brand new bottle signed by the world-famous stylist “ Pierre Cardin ".

The water Maxim's, which flows from the pure Tuscan sources of the Parco del Casentino is, through the exclusive distributor "Semp Promotion SA", available to the international market.

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